May 2014 Beauty Favorites!

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April 2014 Beauty Favorites!

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March 2014 Favorites!

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January 2014 Favorites!

Hello there, readers! I cannot believe it’s already the last day of January. Weren’t we just ringing in the New Year a few days ago?! Anyway, I am excited to bring you lovelies my first ever favorites post! This month I was able to try a bunch of new products and I’m excited to share the best of them with you all. So on that note, let’s get into my January favorites!


Let’s begin with skin care. Philosophy’s one-step cleanser Purity Made Simple is something that has been raved and talked about for so long. I finally purchased an 8 oz. bottle at Sephora at the beginning of the month and I am so glad that I did. I use it in the shower at night after I remove my eye makeup and I massage it gently into my skin for 15-20 seconds. My skin feels so clean and fresh after using this. Though I cannot say it has cleared up my skin, it has however made my skin appear brighter and my complexion s more even after using this for several weeks. I highly recommend this to anyone, with any skin type. Another bonus is that I’ve had it for almost a month and it’s not even 1/4 gone yet!

My second skin favorite is Benefit’s it’s potent! eye cream. Another product that I cannot say enough about. It’s hydrating, makes my eyes feel refreshed, I saw results in the brightness of my eyes within days, my veins on my lids show less, and when I wake up I seem much more awake. If you’re trying to decide on an eye cream or a product to splurge on, this is something I recommend trying out wholeheartedly. See my full review that I did on this eye cream for more details.

Moving on to a couple of lip products, I have two that I have been loving all month. One is a the Honey Trap lip balm by Lush, and the second is the Tarte LipSurgence Lip Luster in the color Achiote. The Honey Trap lip balm is something I use before I go to bed and when I wake up. When you first feel it, it has almost a grainy texture but as soon as you apply it, it becomes the most soft and moisturizing lip product I’ve ever used. It hydrates my lips and keeps them soft in this dry winter weather. Tarte’s LipSurgence in Achiote is my current favorite (as FrmHeadToToe would say..) MLBB (my-lips-but-better) lip color. It’s a very soft pink with subtle golden undertones. It looks very natural, but also adds life and color to your face and works with any outfit or make up look.

The Naked 3 Palette is an obvious favorite for me, and pretty much everyone else in the beauty community. For someone like me with very fair skin and a pink undertone, this palette is perfection. Whenever I go anywhere I can just take this palette and be ready for anything I’d need to do. I love the range of colors, though I usually stick to the left side of the palette for everyday, I enjoy using the darker shades for lining my eyes or adding extra depth or edge in a look. The lasting power is great and so is the color pay-off. I most indefinitely recommend this amazing addition to the Naked series!

My favorite nail product is this deep red color by OPI called Malaga Wine. The one pictured is so small because it came in a set with a bunch of other colors. Any who, I love love love dark reds in the fall and winter time and this one has to be my favorite. It’s long-lasting, and the color is very opaque. If you love dark reds like me, you definitely need to check this out!

I’ve recently been using a Hot Tools curling iron that I got for Christmas to curl my hair. My hair is extremely thick so I was trying to figure out how big it would need to be in order to make my curls look nice. I got this one from my sister and it works tremendously. Sadly, I cannot find it online to link, but if you wanted to look for it in stores I believe they got it from Sally’s Beauty Supply.

I am probably the most picky person with scents in the whole world. I had been looking for a new body mist or perfume from Victoria’s Secret for a while and finally found one I liked. The Pink Fresh & Clean Body Mist is my new scent obsession. I don’t know how else to describe it but fresh and clean…it’s feminine, but not overly so. I wear it and I feel like I smell refreshing and well…fresh and clean. Maybe describing scents isn’t my thing. I’m just going to stop now. Just know it smells amazing.

Speaking of scents, I have a small (okay, huge) obsession with candles. White Barn No. 2 Chestnut and Clove for some reason has become my favorite January candle for a couple of years now. It smells like winter, but not in a Christmas or Holiday sort of way, so it’s a nice transition candle. Just smelling it makes me feel like I’m cuddled up in a blanket next to a fire in a cabin in the woods. The blend of chestnuts and cloves makes this my number one winter candle every year. I could not find it on the Bath and Body Works website, but I’m sure you could find it elsewhere.

This concludes my January 2014 favorites. Look forward to more excited posts coming soon! I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing weekend! TGIF!!

What are your January favorites? Let me know in the comments!

– Emma