Hey there, jellybeans! My name’s Emma. I’m a nineteen year old girl from a tiny town in Arizona, now living in New York City attending New York University. Beauty and makeup is something I have always had a love for ever since I could wear makeup. The idea that in minutes you can transform yourself into anyone you want to be, and that just a bit of mascara can give a girl so much more confidence have always been fascinating to me. On my blog you’ll see a variety of things. Makeup tutorials, reviews, hauls, tags, OOTDs, favorites, wish lists, and much more. Besides blogging, I am a dancer. I have done all styles of dance (ballet, modern, tap, jazz, hip-hip) for 14 years and I absolutely love it. Running, yoga, and crossfit are some other interests I’ve taken up in the past few years and love. In addition, I am health food and sweet-treat baking obsessed. So, maybe look out for some fitness/lifestyle posts in the future?

This all sums me up pretty well. I hope you enjoy your visit on my blog. xoxo

How was ‘serenejellybean’ born?

For years I have read beauty blogs, watched beauty bloggers youtube videos and have always had an itch to start a blog of my own. So, one day in January of 2014 I sat down and created serenejellybean! It took a lot of guts to start and takes a lot more work than you’d think but I am loving every minute of it. Blogging combines my two favorite things: beauty, and writing! Wish my luck on my blogging journey and don’t forget to follow if you like what you see. 🙂

Your thoughts?