Manicure Monday: 4/21

It’s been forever since I’ve done a Manicure Monday, so I’m super excited about this post! Something about bright or pastel nail polishes makes me so happy whenever I use them. It’s like every time you look down at your nails you get a little mini burst of happiness. (…what?)

Bikini So Teeny

Today I’m wearing Essie’s Bikini So Teeny. First of all, love the name. Essie always has the most adorable and unique names for their polishes! The color is a unique light blue that has a very subtle shimmer to it. It’s a true blue color, which I find to be fairly rare since most things have a green or purple tone to them. This is the perfect color to wear during summer on the beach, running through a field of flowers, an amusement park, or poolside…whatever floats your boat, really. I find this color is also flattering on my fair skin, so my fellow pale ladies, you’ve got to try out this color.


The formula was a bit on the runny side, so if you just pop this in the fridge for five minutes before you use it, you’re good to go! This is actually my first Essie nail polish so I was glad that the formula lived up to my expectations. It dries quickly and the color was opaque with two coats.

Overall, this is a great nail polish that’s perfect for spring/summer time! xoxo

What’s on your nails this Monday? What’s your favorite Essie polish? Let me know in the comments! 

– Emma