Glamorous Glosses Review: Chanel Lévres Scintillantes

Happy Wednesday, my beautiful readers. I had (am having) the most glorious and relaxing morning. If I had mornings off like this more often, I swear, I could be so much more productive. Anyway, I decided to treat myself to breakfast at my favorite cafe. I love it because of its serene atmosphere, guilt free eating options, and (of course) the wifi. For me, being an introvert, going somewhere by my self and relaxing is one of my favorite things. It lets me recharge, ready myself for the day, and truly relax.

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Mornings at cafes call for a mix of casual and glamour. I pulled out one of my Chanel glosses and remembered how much I love the formulation and texture of them, and thus, this post was born. Let’s get glossy! (..I need to stop trying  to be clever…)

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Shades from top to bottom: Ocean Shimmer, Sonate, Desir, Amour

I received four Chanel Lévres Scintillantes lip glosses a while  back as a gift and fell in love with the way they felt and how long they stayed on the lips. The formula is thick and rich, but not to the point where they feel heavy or sticky on your lips. With the exception of eating a meal, they stay on your lips for quite a long time. The one downfall of these, at least with the few I have, is the pigmentation. Amour and Sonate in particular are pretty much just glosses with the smallest hint of color.

20140408_212751 copy

Ocean Shimmer, as you can see, is a completely sheer gloss with micro-glitters that really make your lips shine. Whether you just want to rock your natural lip color with a bit of sparkle, or apply it over a lipstick to glam up a look, it’s the perfect gloss for the job!

20140408_212454 copy

Sonate is an extremely sheer red gloss with no micro-glitters. It’s not very pigmented, which was a bit of a disappointment to me, to be honest. In the bottle it looks like this fearless, bright red color, but when you apply it, it is pretty much just plain gloss. However, if you want to wear lip gloss that isn’t totally sparkly/glittery, this gloss is great for that!

20140408_212613 copy

Desir is by far the most pigmented of the four. This gloss is a gorgeous glittery medium pink color that instant makes a look more glamorous and feminine. The image doesn’t do the color justice; it’s much more pigmented than the image shows. I also love that the formula is so long-lasting!

20140408_212705 copy

Finally, Amour is a sheer coral color with micro-glitters that make it extra girly. Similar to Sonate, there is hardly any pigmentation at all. As you will be able to see on the swatches below, aside from Desir, you can hardly tell the difference between the three other glosses.

20140408_212910 copy

Overall, the formula of these glosses is fantastic; they are long-lasting, thick, glossy, and not too sticky. The only downfall is the pigmentation which to me was a big disappointment. Desir has great pigmentation which makes me think some of the other colors in the collection do too. Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried these or any other of the Chanel lip glosses!

Thanks for reading, beauties! Have an excellent rest of your week! We’re so close to Friday!! xoxo

What are your favorite Chanel products? Do you prefer bold or subtle lips? Let me know in the comment section below!

– Emma