Sephora 15% Off: My Wishlist

So, it’s safe to say I freaked out a little when I got the email about the Annual Sephora 15% off sale. I immediately went to the website and started adding things to my cart and had a zillion tabs open of things I was considering. And as it always does, reality smacked me in the face and made me realize there was no way I could get everything I wanted. Oh the struggle. But today I decided to share with you guys my wish list and top picks, and then hopefully do a follow-up haul post when I actually order a few things. Let’s get into the products!

Sephora 15% Off Wishlist
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I hope you enjoyed seeing my top picks and that it helped you get some ideas for your own purchase! Make sure you take advantage of the sale while you can! Use the code TICKET at checkout to get your discount! Thanks for reading! xoxo

What is your Sephora Sale wish list? Do you have a favorite scrub? Let me know down in the comments!

– Emma