Review: Benefit It’s Potent! Eye Cream

How’s it going, readers? During Christmas break I was gifted and purchased quite a few new products. I wanted to wait at least two weeks before I did a review on any of them so I could get a solid evaluation of each product. As I’ve been reading a bunch of blog posts, I ran into a couple about Benefit Cosmetic’s recently released eye cream that I purchased during winter break. I was utterly shocked to see how negative most of them were. I decided to do a review of this product to share with you lovelies my experience with this eye cream.


First, can we just talk about how adorable the packaging for this product is? It comes in a medium/small-sized vintage style container and the lid looks like a cork. It looks almost exactly like a cork and I was surprised that when I felt it that it just felt like a normal lid that you would see on any product. The cream is sealed in the packaging quite well; it’s easy to travel with, doesn’t spill, and the consistency has not changed (no dryness, etc.).


Eye cream had been something I had been talking about getting for an extremely long time because my eyes get dry easily, I have dark circles (genetically, and from lack of sleep), my eyes are puffy when I wake up, and my eyelids are red and have lots of veins showing. I knew eye creams were expensive so I was putting it off until I found one that I thought would work really well and be worth the money. Benefit’s It’s Potent! Eye Cream  is no exception to the high price point that eye creams usually have. Though it was hard for me to spend the $34 on this product, I can now say that it was worth every penny.

The consistency is light and it goes on your eyes smoothly. My eyes feel hydrated instantly after applying and when I wake up the skin on my under eye area is soft and moisturizer.  I have read reviews from people who said it caused major burning in their eyes, however, for me this was not the case at all. I actually even use it on my lids and it reduces puffiness and the appearance of veins. This eye cream has caused absolutely no irritation for me, in contrast, my eyes feel refreshed after application.


It only took about three days for me to see results. I use this product before I go to bed on a daily basis. When I wake up my eyes feel great and I look (for lack of a better way to describe it) less like death. The redness and veins on my lids are less noticeable and after using this product for about three weeks now I can honestly say my eyes look brighter and I look much more awake. This weekend, I got a comment from a girl who I was staying with at a retreat that even after getting very little sleep my eyes looked bright and like I had been getting plenty of sleep.

Overall, this is definitely something I recommend and will most likely repurchase in the future. There is a whole lot of product in the container and because you use very little at a time, I think this product will last quite a long time and is definitely worth the splurge.

I hope everyone had a safe and relaxing long weekend! Try not to be too stressed out this week, let yourself breathe, and focus on how much you have to be grateful for. xoxo

What is your favorite eye cream? If you’ve used this one, what was your experience like? Let me know in a comment below!!

– Emma

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